The amount of shops in this country really gets me .. I can really not grasp how these people can survive with all the competition they have. But then again.. its 1.3 billion or more Chinese..And in this neighborhood, many tourists come to shop, as this is just 1 hour train ride from center Hong Kong , and many people come here for a day trip. Many nations(not Norway) can get visa on arrival here,so it makes it popular as it is cheaper than Hong Kong


This is in Lohu, copy heaven, or hell.. If you want to buy anything original, this is definitely not the place. But for finding a tailor,  a fake rolex , a designer purse, golf clubs, fake ipods or ipads, or raybans or whatever you can think of,then i am sure they will have it, or know how to get hold of it..  Like my father told me ones, about this shop owner who said the only real thing in this shop is me…. thats their moto here.


After some hours here, you are no longer sure where you have been, or if you have been to this shop before or its just similar to the previous 500 or 1000 shops you walked by.(no i am not exaggerating there are thousands of shops here)



20140614_155639 (Custom)

Coming out of the subway station, or just walking along the street , you will find these moped taxis. Often they drive by and honk at you, hoping that you need a ride . Half price of the regular taxi(which also are very cheap), or even less, you bargain for price up front or even after arrival…They are all electrical mopeds, so its a nice ride, guess max 50 km speed, and its quiet, so you can enjoy the  city while you drift by. If the traffic is heavy, or it is a one way street or a red light, this is the way to travel, up on the sidewalk, though walking streets,use the zebra crossings or any other way to get there as quick as possible.( you pay for distance, not how long it takes) Thought first it looked funny with the umbrella on top, but that is very comfortable when its sunny , as you otherwise would get cooked.. These are the official moped taxis, but also any other guy looking for a quick buck will offer a ride, tried that, but cant recommend that, as both times the driver said ok, but did not know where it was in the end, so got lost.. so now I stick with the umbrella mopeds :-)

20140614_161817 (Custom)


DSC_9462_edited (Custom)

Penglai pavilion is a thousand years old. (it is about 1.5 hours drive west of Yantai) It has been a watch tower for pirates for several centuries. This is the most iconic view of the place. They have many fairy-tales originated here… Including the one of the 8 immortals who drank the 3 penis wine…..And later crossed the sea with no ships..The fountain of youth is apparently here somewhere.. still looking…

DSC_9527 (Custom)

These are obviously some old stones…  with stories and poems written up to a millennium ago . Many of China’s famous poets has been here and written their poems in stone.

DSC_9536 (Custom)

Well this rock is saying something about that the horizon where the ocean meets the sky is not  visible, as it all blends.

DSC_9592_edited (Custom)

The view of Penglai town, the pavilion and sandy beaches. This is one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays in this part of china.

DSC_9491 (Custom)

Found out the Chinese are actually quite tall… This is at the foot of the Penglai pavilion, where they were planning their defenses, and  the tradesmen and pirate hunters has been located for centuries.

DSC_9482 (Custom)

DSC_9602 (Custom)

Penglai is strategically situated at the exact border between the Bohai sea and the yellow sea.

DSC_9567_edited (Custom)

A visit to the local amusementpark

DSC_9380_edited (Custom)

When I came into the park i was thinking to myself, o yeah i’m gonna try this one… but my enthusiasm sort of dropped when i saw they were repairing it while in use…

DSC_9374 (Custom)

DSC_9388 (Custom)

Thats what I am talking about, finally some big guns in the in the amusement park

DSC_9386 (Custom)

Fishpond.. a bit different than Europe.. these are alive…

DSC_9376_edited (Custom)

So the park is literally in the town, but i didn’t discover it until i had been here for a month….

Drive Carefully part 2……….

DSC_9367 (Custom)

I have to say that they are much more environmental when it comes to how much gasoline it takes to move a whole family.. This must be cost efficient…

DSC_9682 (Custom)

DSC_9640 (Custom)

DSC_9643 (Custom)

Good roads here.. minimum 2 lanes in each DIRECTION..well.. not everybody got that memo…

DSC_9666 (Custom)

Not really sure what this is, but there are quite many of them..

DSC_9651 (Custom)

Maybe not so environmental after all….

DSC_9650 (Custom)

DSC_9649_edited (Custom)

DSC_9647_edited (Custom)

Oh yeah.. they are all missing helmets….

DSC_9648 (Custom)

I am not sure they all know what a lane is…

20140507_161622 (Custom)

The Postal service.. Nothing crazy about this one..


A walk in the neighborhood

DSC_9348 (Custom)

These fruits have been in season since i got here. Always standing along the road selling these. Apparently they smell bad..

DSC_9352 (Custom)

Found a local hairdresser…Yes the white box with the blue edge..

DSC_9346 (Custom)

And whats a better place to do your laundry ..

DSC_9340 (Custom)

This guy was fixing some shoes when i walked by, i thought i would take a picture of that, when i aimed to take this photo, he dropped the shoe, and grabbed a knife….very quick to look that old.. he shouted something i obviously did not understand, and he started speedwalking towards me.. still with the knife..So i beat him in speedwalking to put it that way… Still here ;-)

DSC_9335 (Custom)

Street musician

DSC_9331 (Custom)

A beggar without legs

A walk along the very long beach promenade

DSC_8889 (Custom)

They have 2 main beaches here,  swimming beach #1 and #2 for lack of a better name for them(this is their actual names)

DSC_8895 (Custom)

Some paddle boats , and not coincidentally the Yard in the background with their landmark Taisun crane

DSC_8899 (Custom)

Moon bay

DSC_8902 (Custom)

The pier

DSC_8892 (Custom)

And the colorful bathhouses, with some eager swimmers.. must be really eager as the water is 13C….

DSC_8926 (Custom)

Me and Li Peng with the fisherman’s wharf in the background

DSC_8918 (Custom)

And they say Chinese have no sense of creation, and only can copy things.. I must say this guys vessel definitely has a better design than the one i built as a kid…

DSC_8917 (Custom)

View from the wharf towards Laichan


Some local signs

DSC_8939 (Custom)

The Communist party

DSC_8938 (Custom)

The Army, it says  8 and 1 in the star, which is August 1st 1927 when the peoples liberation army was founded. This star is on the army’s naval school in Yantai.


What to have for lunch….

20140424_115444 (Custom)

And every day the same question… where and what do we eat? This is o the street directly outside the yard. There are loads of possibilities.. not all that tempting… and some i just run past…

20140424_111757 (Custom)

Safe option,but still an adventure, the yards canteen…

20140424_111701 (Custom)

They have 3 floors like this, but then again.. they feed 9000 people here every day

20140422_115206 (Custom)

This guy makes some sort of pancake wrap thing. taste very good, fills it with some spring onion , eggs and chili.

20140420_135446 (Custom)

Took me a couple of seconds to understand what this was, and then i clearly decided it was not going to be my lunch ….

20140420_135443 (Custom)

Great Wok for 5 rmb (0.6€)


Having lunch on the street outside the yard with 2 of the guys from the drilling department. A Scot, Brazilian and a Norwegian , much pleasure for the locals making the food. All orders are made by pointing as their English skills are rather weak……and my Chinese is non existing. ;-)


Electric Avenue


Well, this is one of my favorite streets here. A rough estimate, maybe 500 electronic stores. All selling high-tech and weird stuff. Found a chinese mobile phone with 3 sim cards, digital tv and good camera, and all for 100€, not sure about the quality, size wasn’t that impressive either, but think they are on to something……

DSC_8531 (Custom)

After spending a while roaming the aisles i  got  a bit overwhelmed and bought a hdmi cable  and got out of there. The 2 girls below was my fan club. They did not understand that i could not speak Chinese, so when i answered in English,they were laughing and kept repeating the same sentence.. Was later told they were asking where i came from.


Chinese Wedding


I have been woken up in the weekend at 8 in the morning to loads of fireworks. Not the colorful type we use new years, but the LOUD ones. As i have been told, cant have a celebration without it. This is on the street where  I stay. At the entrance of the hotel where they will celebrate their wedding. Was very loud, and fun to see.



20140331_090852 (Custom)

The engineering building, with 700 engineers, built last year ,with the  purpose of designing rigs for the yard.(CIMC RAFFLES)

20140331_090952 (Custom)

The famous window cleaners. Can see them hanging on the outside of all tall buildings :-) I hear can earn up to 500 euros a month if they are good. Think they are hiring…anyone?


Yantai Raffles

20140415_100052 (Custom)

Another project they have in the yard, Yeah,, want one of those ,2 pools and a helicopter deck and only 88.8m20140415_100011 (Custom)

20140415_101339 (Custom)

The yard in the morning fog, standing next to a barge, A ship that can lower itself into the sea so a rig can park on top of it for transport. Also under construction at he yard.

20140410_104933 (Custom)

A jackup rig in drydock for painting

20140410_104917 (Custom)

And the TAISUN ,the worlds biggest crane.. makes you feel very small.



20140410_103610 (Custom)

My first meeting with a full size  semi submersible rig. it was enormous. Really was impressed, as i had been to see the other yard, where they are welding the metal sheets together. And this is how it looks when they are done with all the welding. Saw this on discovery channel once… they call it super structures, and standing below one really makes you understand that name.

20140410_103722 (Custom)

20140410_103136 (Custom)

20140410_103125 (Custom)